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Say Yes to “I Said “No!” | Fringe13

In Short: Susan Bennett charmingly  reflects on her life choices and failures in “I Said No!” at IndyFringe. Her earnest sense of storytelling will relate to anyone who has ever had struggled getting out of a relationship.

My Verdict: 3.5 Martinis

A Closer Look: Susan Bennett’s one woman show is delightful and earnest storytelling. She opens up about her life choices and failures in an honest, compelling manner. From the moment she steps on stage, her warm personality invites you into her story. She’s not afraid to show you how hurt she is by the results of relationships gone bad. Often she comes off as if she is reliving the pain all over just by sharing.

For most who will choose to see this show, Bennett’s story will be familiar. She enters a new situation full of hope and an exciting outlook for what’s to come. But as her dreams don’t come to fruition, she knows she needs out, but never finds the right way to exit a bad situation. Ultimately, the story is about finding your own way, something we all can learn from.

I also applaud her for working with director Timothy Taylor. I have seen many one-person shows with great material that would have greatly benefited from an outside set of eyes. This production is simply staged and free of gimmicks except a few effective song cues. The result is an extremely polished and solid production.

— Justin Brady, Mission Intrigue, Indianapolis, IN

YOU HAVE TO SEE THIS SHOW!! Susan Bennett is an absolute gem. She is charming, hilarious, beautiful, talented, and an exquisite artist! I attended her one woman show last night as a last minute spontaneous decision with friends. I had no idea I was right in the middle of a “God thing”. Please take an hour out of your life and give yourself the gift of witnessing her performance. It will write on the chalkboard of your life!! I’m so grateful I said “Yes” to “I Said NO” by Susan Bennett.

– Sandy J. Indianapolis, IN

“Susan performed at our ISSM retreat and to put it simply, the impact was amazing.  I highly recommend “I Said No”—it speaks to a variety of deep issues of the heart in a profoundly winsome way.  Awesome, Susan!”

— Dave N., Indianapolis, IN