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The Juniper Tree

Indianapolis, 1968. Three women – three generations of one Jewish-American family – look back on the first decades of the twentieth century. Each struggles with the sins and ghosts of the past, and her place in the world.

Racism, fear, prejudice, and anger have threatened to destroy them, but some bonds can never be broken.

Moving from the horror of anti-semitism in Imperial Russia to the promise of a new life in America, The Juniper Tree is a tale of hope and restoration set against Indianapolis own diverse history.

See The Juniper Tree on November 04, 2017, as part of the Ann Katz Book and Arts Festival at the Jewish Community Center of Indianapolis.

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The Juniper Tree premiered at the Indy Fringe Festival in 2016.

Written by Timothy A. Taylor, it is a moving and compelling story that delves into the complex emotions within family relationships.

Anger, resentment, bitterness and regret can destroy lives and rip families apart. Most long for restoration but few know where to begin. The Juniper Tree is a story to be experienced; filled with hope and inspiration for families to begin the healing process. 

What the bloggers/critics were saying:

Bennett amplifies the characters skillfully —Jay Harvey

Susan Bennett does an admirable job fully forming the characters into believable women and not just the stereotypes that they could have easily lent themselves to becoming.—Wendy Carson

 A great show to watch with family and then discuss your own family’s past, Drama worth watching–Amelia Barnes