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Last Night…

Posted by on Feb 25, 2014

Last Night…

Last night, February 24 I had the fabulous opportunity to perform I said NO! Having been INVITED to perform I was thrilled, excited and my heart filled with eager anticipation.  As I put on my black dress, knickers, jewelry, lipstick and fiddled with my hair my mind was at peace running my lines and stage movement. Staring at myself in the mirror ready…I smiled at me………..I’m doing my dream.  

Taking the stage I began a bit nervous but soon settled into the utter joy of performing the show I created. The lines came out different they were deeper.  I felt each word pulling from within me something more was resonating in my own soul. Something different was happening. Last night went beyond acting out a story even though it is a part of my own life story. Those familiar lines merged with the passion in my heart.  Speaking them I felt the full emotion envelop each word as it left my lips. I could feel these words touching hearts.  I felt the power the beautiful power of this story, show…performance.

Last night I stepped into what future possibilities hold for me, this show and the future shows to come. My heart sang, smiling I took my bow.  I got a standing ovation.