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The Gift Within

Posted by on Oct 16, 2013

The Gift Within

I recently performed my show I said NO for a private event.  This event presented several “firsts” for me: invited to perform based on seeing my show at Indy Fringe Festival; was a private event eager to have me perform; a paying gig. While these were fantastic external effects of my show it was the internal aspect that meant the most to me.

 For the first time in my life I felt I had something deep within me to offer others.  I had created my first one woman show.  I was there for a purpose.  I was there because someone saw something in me they wanted, not to take from me but to receive from me. They wanted my talent to shine.  I was wanted.  I had been sought after. They wanted the gift within me to be shared and presented for others to benefit from. I could feel the pull on the gift within me. I could feel the tangible electricity fill the room as I stood there about to begin.  My heart swelled as I realized I was doing exactly what I felt I was created to do, stand before an audience giving out of my heart to inspire, encourage and offer hope.  

I began. The show began. The performance began. The audience came alive. They gasped. They laughed. They wept. They cheered. They applauded. They hugged me. They told me I was bold, courageous, funny, inspiring, amazing, strong and gifted.  They told me about their stories and how I caused them to think deeply about their own lives.  They told me they couldn’t stop talking about my show to their wives and now wanted to be a better man, husband and father.  They told me it was thought provoking, profound, compelling and for some speechless. 

I drank in their words and their hugs.  I was pleased to have given and exceptionally pleased they had received.  I had experienced in this performance what I had longed for for years……….to profoundly touch another life. For me this wasn’t about a show or a performance those were simply the avenues in which I must do in order for me to come fully alive. I was simply being Susan sharing a story from the heart. I was simply Susan sharing the gift within.  And I sure had the time of my life.

“the impact was amazing I highly recommend “I said NO”…… speaks to a variety of deep issues of the heart in a profoundly winsome way”  Dave Noel, CEO at ISSM